Corporate Financing

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Corporate Funding

It is rare that a client of Special Services does not need or could not use financing or some new cash. However, clients that need our special services usually have obstacles standing in their way of obtaining conventional financing. While we have phenomenal resources and options at our disposal if conventional financing can be obtained, we specialize in finding unconventional options. While unconventional money costs more, we have a well vetted group of options that want to compete for our clients business.  They respect the volume of opportunities we have, but also and more importantly trust our endorsement of the client as a good lending opportunity. Naturally this requires us to be confident in our client.


We often talk about the 3 C's that are reviewed when a lender considers, collateral and character. Cash is the ability to repay based upon projections. Collateral is the backup assets available for security that can be looked to in the event of non-payment. Character is the reputation of the people who run the company or stand behind it.  In the case of a private and closely held company, the character of the owner is paramount.  While no one factor is the most important, a shortcoming in any of the areas can be problematic.


Special Services is an expert in ensuring that we position your company in a manner that shows the client's strengths in terms of the 3 Cs in the most favorable of lights.  This sometimes requires preliminary work and some updates and changes to the facade of the business.  The goal though is designed to allow us to successfully take you to market for new money.

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